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Freeze-drying (also known as lyophilization) is a process of removing water or other solvents from a material through sublimation. Sublimation is the direct transition of water from the solid (ice) phase, to the gaseous (water vapor) phase, without passing through the liquid phase. This process preserves the structure and physical properties of the product.

We recommend to use a scroll dry (oil free) vacuum pump. Like our Anemos. Benefits to a the standard oil vacuum pump are; less noise, very easy and low maintenance, and last but not least no potential contamination of the processed product with the oil from the pump.

We have 4 options, 3, 5, 7 and 9 shelf’s, alle shelfs are heated and we supply supporting trays (12, 15 and 20mm hight).

After opening the door, you take out the tray set and unplug it at the back. take the tray set you like to put in, plug it in and place it into the chamber. 
Here is a video on how to change the tray set of a Xiros Mikro Freeze Dryer.
You go to “manual” on the start screen. 
Then you will get an overview of all the functions you can manually control, like the Vacuum pump, Condensor (cooling) heater upper and heater lower and the vacuum valve.
To be able to switch them on or off you first need to switch “ON” the ‘Manual Control’ at the top.
Now you can use the buttons to switch everything on or off. 
You can also set the temperature of the Upper or Lower shelf or set a specific vacuum by typing it in. 
Here is a video on How to use the Xiros Mikro Freeze dryer in Manual mode.
Be sure to remove all the packing material from inside the chamber, and take out the tray set if needed, to make sure. Then Connect the vacuum hose to the Xiros Mikro and to the Vacuum pump.
The vacuum pump needs to be on a stable level surface. The inlet of the vacuum pump could have a plastic cover, this needs to be removed before operating the pump. 
Connect the power cable of the Vacuum pump to the Xiros Mikro and connect the power cable of the Xiros Mikro to an outlet. now you can switch on the vacuum pump (button on the left bottom) and the Xiros Mikro. 
You can also connect the drain hose provided to the tap on the left bottom of the Xiros Mikro.
Now you’re ready for your first freeze-dry run!
Here is a video on the first installation of your Xiros Mikro with a Vacuum pump step by step. 

Our machines control the process through the vacuum controller, witch is the most accrued way to control your Freeze drying processes.

We have a network of distributors with there own technical specialists and we have a 2 year warranty on our Xiros Mikro.

This vitro research method is not in tubes or glass beakers but in a physically similar environment to the natural forms of the human digestive tract.

Holland Green Science is based in Ede-Wageningen in the Netherlands.


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