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Holland Green Science is a global player with worldwide expertise in botanical extraction and in vitro digestion. Holland Green Science develops and supplies premium laboratory equipment with several international partners for these markets. Like our Freeze drying machine; the Xiros Mikro.

Holland Green Science International is proudly headquartered in the traditional food, health and life science hub of Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Being a Foodvalley member Holland Green Science is surrounded with small and medium size food enterprises. In this highly inspiring environment, our team is continuously triggered by new developments.

The Holland Green Science team is composed of dedicated and experienced professionals. As integration experts we will provide you with end to end solutions; from biomass to final product for recreational, medical and pharmaceutical use.

Our equipment can be supplied “GMP ready” on request.

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Industry experts, and manufacturers, Holland Green Science is a global company
with worldwide expertise in the pharmaceutical extraction channels.


Our dynamic in vitro human stomach-intestine system

Xiros Mikro & Anemos Pump


We design and manufacture extraction and processing equipment

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Meet our Distributors: Hortitec

Our collaboration with Holland Green Science has been a pivotal and enriching experience. Their professionalism and shared innovation ethos have perfectly aligned with our goals, enhancing our offerings and customer value.

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GroHydro Distributor South Africa

Meet our Distributors: GroHydro

We are a KZN based importer and distributor of horticultural equipment and products related to indoors, greenhouse and outdoor horticulture & supplies most of the major retail outlets in South Africa due to its position of being the official reseller of global brands.

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Meet our Distributors: OG Crush

In addition to the OG10pro rosin press, our extensive product portfolio includes a wide range of solventless extraction equipment and accessories. We offer ice water hash equipment, freeze dryers, rosin bags, ice water extraction bags, drysift screens, filling machines, zirconia cartridges and many more.

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Fourtwenty Distributor

Meet our Distributors: Fourtwenty

Fourtwenty is a pioneer in the field of cannabis wholesale / retail and cultivation in Switzerland, founded with the vision of providing high quality cannabis products and services responsibly. Our core values are based on quality, innovation, sustainability and excellent customer service.

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Like the scientist, we understand the need for accurate, safe,
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