About us

Holland Green Science Europe designs and manufactures extraction and processing equipment, specialized in botanical extraction and in vitro digestion also known as vitro gastrointestinal model.

Botanical extraction and in vitro digestion: intriguing and complicated processes, but also innovative processes, and all about forward-thinking technology. Like our Freeze dryer, the Xiros Mikro.

Innovation and forward-thinking technology: that is where we stand for at Holland Green Science. Our passion and purpose are for the industries we represent, which are as diverse as our customers themselves. And we are so happy to share our knowledge of extraction technology and digestion processes.

We understand the culture and complexities of the industries we serve. Any deviation in technique and/or temperature can damage the biomass and cause an extraction or digestion process to fail. With a keen eye for process and design, we isolate the pain-points of various extraction and digestion modalities.

Holland Green Science is a global company with worldwide expertise in the pharmaceutical extraction channels. Our leadership team has decades of experience. From firsthand, we know we have the best teachers in our team. We can offer the same education to our client. That’s a major value add.

With Holland Green Science Europe operations, based in Ede-Wageningen in the Netherlands and Holland Green Science USA operations, in Chicago, and in the Bay Area (California), we will provide you with innovative laboratory and processing equipment worldwide.