NERDT ™ NEar Real Digestive Tract – Dynamic in vitro stomach-intestine system

NERDT™ stands for

NEar Real Digestive Tract.

It is a dynamic in vitro stomach-intestine system.

The biomechanics of the gastrointestinal tract strongly influence food disintegration and digestion in vivo. This is often overlooked in research or requires extensive animal testing. The NERDT™ is unique in its morphology and contractions, therefore mimicking the natural effect of mechanical forces that occur in the digestive process in humans and animals. This machine allows intensive research to be done, resulting in a heavily reduction of animal testing.

We have made the machine as close as we can get to nature.

That includes the esophagus-stomach-intestine as a silicone model with all its internal natural structures. This unique stomach structure is true to that of a real human or animal. Our infant model is able to be tilt horizontally just like an infant would when they are laid down to sleep.

There is an electromechanical driving rig which mimics the peristaltic movements of the digestive tract. Then there is the digestive emptying method. The stomach can (partly) be emptied by being able to rotate, just like it is done naturally. All is controlled via a built-in LCD touch screen panel. This all takes place in the temperature-controlled cabinet.

Checking, adjusting, and studying acidity, temperature and or other natural digestive processes is possible with this system at any time. As well as adding or removing natural digestive products (such as enzymes and bacteria). 

We currently have three NERDT models:

NERDT™ Human Adult


The NERDT™ Human Adult
represents the Human adult digestive tract. It includes the silicone model of 

  • the esophagus-stomach 
  • the duodenum
  • the rest of the small intestine

The stomach is 3D printed silicone and made using a real human stomach as a mold. This results in an internal structure that is exactly the same as that of a human stomach.

All kinds of electromechanical driving rigs, mimics the naturally occurring movements in the various parts of the digestive tract, from esophagus to the colon.


NERDT™ Human Infant


The NERDT™ Human Infant represents the Human Infant digestive tract.

It is similar to the Human Adult  version as it comes to the silicone models and driving rigs but is designed to mimic a child’s digestive tract.

One main feature that’s special to this model of the NERDT family is that the whole system can be put under an angle up to 90 degrees, mimicking a child who is laid down after feeding to sleep or rest. This incorporates the natural effects, like gravity, have on digestion when the body is horizontal.


NERDT™ Animal Rat

NERDT animal Rat

The NERDT™ Animal Rat represents the Animal Rat digestive tract. 

Lots of important research is done on rats. This installation makes it possible to do a large number of tests without the need of live rats, with all the  obvious benefits.

This whole digestive tract is also, just like the other models, made with unique 3D silicone printing techniques and is as close to nature as you will ever get.