Prof. Chen, his book and our pride NERDT 

What can a book and a machine have in common? Read along and find out! 

But first, have you already read “A genius with a genius idea = NERDT”? You should! After that, this blog will tell you more about the book our genius Professor Chen has written, and about our pride NERDT.

Let’s start with NERDT

THE Near Real Digestive Tract of which we are very proud… this because of how ingenious this machine works, as well as its purpose: NERDT is developed to increase life quality and wellbeing.  

NERDT is a digestive model that mimics the human digestive system. It is a closed-loop system that can process food, simulate the digestive process, and excrete waste products just like a human digestive tract.

NERDT grinds and mixes through rhythmic peristaltic motions and adds digestive enzymes and acids. In this way, NERDT can process a variety of foods, (think of solid and liquid foods). NERDT adjusts its processing based on the specific needs of each food, or person it needs to mimic, young, old or with an abnormal digestion. Our NERDT can be used in the food industry and also in the pharmaceutical industry. 

Can you imagine that there is no more need for human or animal testing in the food and pharmaceutical industry, because the testing can be done by NERDT now? That’s amazing!  

Life in a cooking pot

And next, back to Professor Chen, who is the true genius, who developed the genius machine NERDT. As said before, NERDT increases life quality and wellbeing… but developing NERDT is by far not all Professor Chen did to change the world and increase our wellbeing. He also wrote a book in which he attempted to simplify the way we as human look at the world. How fascinating is that:

None of us had the ability to choose to come into this world. But yet, here we are! Can we fulfill our life by coming to know the right things and doing the right things? 

Many of us humans, have already received a lot of information about ‘the right things’. Some of them have been proven contradictory. In many occasions, ‘the right things’ have been found untrue or not right. The more we come to know, the more complex we may find life as we grow older. There is a need to simplify the way we look at the world. In “Life is a cooking pot” Professor Chen has attempted to make it simpler. 

So that’s what the book “life in a cooking pot” is about. Can we call Professor Cheng a life enhancer? We do think so! 

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