Twan de Bruijn – New Technical Director for Holland Green Science Europe

Introducing Twan de Bruijn, our new Technical Director for Holland Green Science Europe! We’re excited to have Twan join our team, bringing his extensive experience and a deep commitment to sustainability and innovation. In our latest blog post, we’ve asked Twan a series of questions to help everyone get to know him better and understand his vision for the future of freeze-drying technology.
Twan is poised to play a pivotal role in guiding our product development and exploring new opportunities for our flagship product, the Xiros Mikro. As we continue to sell not just machines, but a promise of quality and longevity, Twan’s insights will be invaluable.
Twan de Bruijn
Twan de Bruijn – Technical Director @ Holland Green Science Europe

What is your favourite aspect of freeze-drying?

As a big foodie, I have been interested in freeze drying for a long time. The Freeze drying process preserves the flavour, texture, and nutrition of the food, allowing it to be used in various recipes and dishes. Or to be eaten just a it comes out of the freeze dryer, only the water is taken out, intensifying the flavour of the product because water has no taste. But also the sustainability of freeze dried food, extending shelve life up to 25 years. Freeze drying helps preserve the food’s original flavour by removing the moisture that can cause food to spoil, but it does not affect the food’s taste, texture, or nutrition. I also love the versatility of freeze drying, I freeze dry over ripe fruit, what I would normally throw away, and turn them into powders to make great smoothies for example, or make a powder out of samphire to make natural vegan salt with lots of vitamins and minerals. And I make my own stock cubes from left over stock. The freeze drying possibilities are endless.

What is your primary skill set, and how does that influence your role on the Holland Green Science leadership team?

I have over 17 years of experience in technical service. I know wat customers want and expect In case of service for laboratory equipment. And I want to help them make the best use with their equipment. My extensive experience with all kind of  laboratory equipment and different brands helps me with product development. My analytical approach makes me able to help customers facing any problems, or assisting them when using their equipment.

What is the biggest challenge facing the freeze-drying market?

I think freeze drying is still a bit unknown, I want to change that. I want show the world all the possibilities available with freeze drying. Especially with my passion for food, I want to show people what is possible with freeze drying in terms of sustainability, waste reduction, but also in the culinary field.