Xiros Mikro

Xiros Mikro

This small freeze dryer has a large capacity for product, allowing you to speed up your processing times without taking up too much space in the lab. It has up to 9 shelves, an 8 kg capacity for ice and 4 kg sublimation in 24 hours. We recommend using a oil free vacuum pump with this Freeze Dryer.


Product Description



Features & Benefits:

  • CE certified
  • Market leading ice holding capacity for larger batches or longer defrost intervals
  • Easy load due to low profile machine design
  • High quality and performance components from leading suppliers
  • Designed to run 24/7
  • High performance vacuum technology fittings and connectors used (instead of refrigeration technology components)
  • Commercial Grade 2 Year Warranty
  • Defrost Function by shelf heating



  • 5, 7 up to to 9 shelves (to your preference)
  • Ice Condenser Volume = 11 Liter
  • Ice Condenser Capacity = 8kg
  • Ice Condenser Performance = 4kg in 24h
  • Ice condenser Temperature -40 °C
  • Minimum Shelf Temperature for Freezing -35 °C
  • Maximum Shelf Temperature for Drying +60 °C
  • Shelf Temperature Accuracy +/- 3 °C
  • Typical Product Capacity = 9.6 kg at 80% moisture content
  • Ultimate Vacuum 2.5 x 10-2 mbar
  • Maximum Vacuum Pump Current: 3A
  • Refrigerant R290
  • Noise Level (without vacuum pump): 54 dB(A)



  • Interfaces USB, RS232C
  • 5” colour touchscreen
  • Programmable to suit specific applications e.g. to reduce the loss of terpenes
  • Manual Operation options
  • Automatic drying cycle
  • USB connectivity for software upgrades and data logging


Technical details

Product name Xiros Mikro
SKU Number 20107002
Tray Size up to 9 shelf = 200 x 450 x 15 mm
Shelf Distance 9 shelves = 19 mm
External Dimensions 770 (d) x 748 (w) x 507 (h) mm
Weight 119 kg
Electrical 220V +/-15% 50Hz 8.5A without pump, 11.5A with pump (model dependent)


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Gillis Gelissen
Sales Director Europe