Aquilon Max Recirculating Chiller

Aquilon Max Cold Trap
Aquilon connectionsAquilon Max Cold Trap side

The Aquilon recirculating chiller features PID temperature controllers to provide accurate and reliable temperature control.

Designed for continuous and reliable operation.

The Aquilon Max is 1600W with a cooling capacity of 2500W to shorten process times and boost solvent recovery rates.


Product Description

Features & Benefits:

  • PID temperature controller provides accurate and reliable temperature control for stability up to ± 0.2 °C
  • Designed for continuous operation
  • DC driven pump for low noise and benchmark reliability
  • Powerful and fast cooling fluid circulation for rapid cooling power delivery
  • Timer setting



  • CE Certified
  • Temperature deviation alarm
  • Overcurrent and overheat protection
  • Independent circulating pump switch


Product Name Aquilon Max
Power Specification 230V 50Hz 1ph – 1600W
Temp Range ℃ -20 ℃ – 20 ℃
Temp Accuracy ±℃ ±2 ℃
Power (W) 1600W
Cooling Capacity 2500W@10℃
Maximum Pressure of Circulating Pump (bar) 0.9 bar
Maximum Flow Rate of Circulating Pump (L/min) 17 L/min
Volume / Capacity(L) 25 L
Size(mm) 450×600×820
SKU Number 20303003

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