Meet our Distributors: Scala Scientific

We at Holland Green Science are continually inspired by the strong relationships we have with our distributors, and we recognize that each of them has a unique story that deserves to be shared. This post is al about Scala Scientific

Scala Scientific

Company Overview:

Could you tell us about the history and core values of your company?               

Scala Scientific is founded in 2009 and looks forward to celebrating our 15th year in business this summer. Scala Scientific Enables laboratories to continue to focus on what they are intended for and what scientists are working on: solid research that matters.


Key Products and Services:

Besides the Xiros Mikro, what are other key products or services in your portfolio?

Scala Scientific provides equipment for sample storage, sample preparation and sample safety to a lot of the major laboratories in Netherlands, Belgium, and Germany.


Business Challenges:

What are the biggest challenges your company faces in today’s market?

We try to keep doing what we do since the start, focus on our local business and supportive service to our customers in a personal matter in a market that is more and more global operated. Customers that need local assistance needs to understand that service comes with a price. We aren’t a “box moving” company but we add value to our products with our services.

Initial Impression:

What was your initial impression when Holland Green Science introduced the Xiros Mikro?

We were (and still are) excited about the Xiros. Our first German customer from Max Planck Institute told us “I can’t get more freeze-dryer for my money anywhere else” A statement we keep using when talking with potential customers.


Collaboration with Holland Green Science:

How has your experience been collaborating with Holland Green Science?

We have a strong and friendly but professional relationship that feels we are more partners than supplier vs customer. We share knowledge and support each other where possible in projects and business ideas.

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