Meet our Distributors: OG Crush

We at Holland Green Science are continually inspired by the strong relationships we have with our distributors, and we recognize that each of them has a unique story that deserves to be shared. This post is al about OG Crush, our Czech Republic distributor.

Core Values:

At OGcrush, our core values revolve around integrity, quality, and education. We believe in conducting our business with the utmost integrity, maintaining transparency with our customers and partners. Quality is at the heart of everything we do, from the materials we source to the manufacturing process. We are committed to delivering reliable and high-performance products that meet the expectations of our customers. Furthermore, we emphasize education, aiming to empower the industry by sharing knowledge and promoting best practices.

Company Overview:

Could you tell us about the history and core values of your company?               

Established in 2019, OGcrush is a prominent EU-based company located in Prague, Czech Republic. We are dedicated to providing high-quality solventless extraction equipment and accessories to the industry. With a strong commitment to innovation and education, we actively participate in fairs across Europe and conduct seminars and workshops to educate the community about our products and the correct processing techniques. As an EU company, we are focused on manufacturing our products within the EU, ensuring quality and compliance with regional standards.

Key Products and Services:

Besides the Xiros Mikro, what are other key products or services in your portfolio?

In addition to the OG10pro rosin press, our extensive product portfolio includes a wide range of solventless extraction equipment and accessories. We offer ice water hash equipment, freeze dryers, rosin bags, ice water extraction bags, drysift screens, filling machines, zirconia cartridges and many more. These products are meticulously designed and manufactured to provide efficient and precise extraction processes, enabling our customers to achieve exceptional results. We take pride in offering a comprehensive range of equipment necessary for solventless extraction, catering to the diverse needs of professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Business Challenges:

What are the biggest challenges your company faces in today’s market?

As a company operating in today’s market, we face several significant challenges. One of the primary challenges is staying ahead of the ever-evolving industry trends and technological advancements. We strive to continuously innovate and develop new products that meet the changing demands of the market. Additionally, ensuring sustainable manufacturing practices while adhering to stringent EU regulations is a constant challenge. We are committed to overcoming these obstacles by investing in research and development, collaborating with industry experts, and maintaining strong relationships with our suppliers and customers.

Initial Impression:

What was your initial impression when Holland Green Science introduced the Xiros Mikro?

When Holland Green Science introduced the Xiros Mikro, we were immediately impressed by its groundbreaking features and capabilities. The compact design coupled with its advanced technology showcased the potential to revolutionize the rosin extraction process. The precision and control offered by the Xiros Mikro were truly remarkable, and we recognized it as a game-changer in the industry. Its introduction aligned perfectly with our commitment to providing cutting-edge equipment to our customers, and we knew it would be a valuable addition to our product lineup.


Collaboration with Holland Green Science:

How has your experience been collaborating with Holland Green Science?

Our collaboration with Holland Green Science has been a positive and rewarding experience. Working closely with their team has allowed us to leverage their expertise and combine our resources to bring innovative solutions to the market. The collaboration has been characterized by open communication, shared goals, and a mutual dedication to advancing the industry. Together, we have successfully introduced groundbreaking products and expanded our reach. We value the partnership with Holland Green Science and look forward to continuing our fruitful collaboration in the future.

OGcrush takes pride in its history, core values, and commitment to delivering top-quality solventless extraction equipment. We remain dedicated to innovation, education, and meeting the evolving needs of the industry while maintaining our position as a trusted EU-based company.

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