Meet our Distributors: GroHydro

We at Holland Green Science are continually inspired by the strong relationships we have with our distributors, and we recognize that each of them has a unique story that deserves to be shared. This post is al about GroHydro Pty Ltd, our South-African distributor.


Company Overview:

Could you tell us about the history and core values of your company? 

GroHydro Pty Ltd is firmly established in the medical horticultural business.

We are a KZN based importer and distributor of horticultural equipment and products related to indoors, greenhouse and outdoor horticulture & supplies most of the major retail outlets in South Africa due to its position of being the official reseller of global brands.

The aim of GroHydro is to provide the local market with the latest first world technologies and brands. GroHydro is a leader in the local medical horticultural market and is one of the pioneer companies of this nature in South Africa and has been trading since 2002 alongside our sister company Hydro Tech Centre.

GroHydro is the distributor of flag ship nutrient Terra Aquatica and CANNA.

Key Products and Services:

Besides the Xiros Mikro, what are other key products or services in your portfolio?

Besides the Xiros Mikro, what are other key products or services in your portfolio? 

GroHydro has a lot to offer. from Importing, Warehousing, Wholesale, Distribution, and Retail to Online presence at

But we are also very good at supplying commercial entities with quality nutrients, growing mediums, testing equipment, pots, grow systems, pest control, lighting, filtration, ventilation & backup service. These services are also available on the level of Commercial medical horticultural specialist suppliers. And we are very familiar with the registration of products with DAFF.

Business Challenges:

What are the biggest challenges your company faces in today’s market?

High import costs due to exchange rates and shipping. Government legislation slowing down the development of the market. Cheap Chinese imports.

Initial Impression:

What was your initial impression when Holland Green Science introduced the Xiros Mikro?

Excited as well as proud to be associated with the product and brand.

Collaboration with Holland Green Science: 

How has your experience been collaborating with Holland Green Science? 

Although very ethical and professional we do believe that we are part of a family and appreciate our standing within the Holland Green Science.

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