Meet our Distributors: Fourtwenty

We at Holland Green Science are continually inspired by the strong relationships we have with our distributors, and we recognize that each of them has a unique story that deserves to be shared. This post is al about Fourtwenty, our Swiss distributor.


Company Overview:

Could you tell us about the history and core values of your company?               

Fourtwenty is a pioneer in the field of cannabis wholesale / retail and cultivation in Switzerland, founded with the vision of providing high quality cannabis products and services responsibly. Our core values are based on quality, innovation, sustainability and excellent customer service. Since our inception, we have always focused on expanding our product range and providing the best shopping experience for our customers and retailers.

Key Products and Services:

Besides the Xiros Mikro, what are other key products or services in your portfolio?

At Fourtwenty, our goal is to provide indoor and outdoor gardening enthusiasts and professionals with extensive knowledge and the best products. Our ‘Grow How’ is the result of years of experience and passion for cannabis cultivation. We offer a carefully curated selection of growing equipment, from state-of-the-art grow boxes and lighting systems to organic fertilizers and soil conditioners. Our customers appreciate our outstanding service and the expertise of our professionals who are willing to share their knowledge to help every grower get the most out of their crop.

Business Challenges:

What are the biggest challenges your company faces in today’s market?

The biggest challenges we face are the ever-changing regulatory environment, strong competition and the need to continuously innovate and improve our offering to stay ahead in the market.

Initial Impression:

What was your initial impression when Holland Green Science introduced the Xiros Mikro?

When Holland Green Science introduced the Xiros Micro Freeze Dryer, we were impressed by the efficiency and advanced technology of the product. It was a perfect fit with our ambition to offer our customers the latest and best products on the market.

Collaboration with Holland Green Science:

How has your experience been collaborating with Holland Green Science?

Our collaboration with Holland Green Science has been productive and rewarding from the start. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction mirrors our own values and we look forward to a continued successful partnership.

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