Ygrasia 110

Ygrasia 110 Moisture analyzer
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The Holland Green Science Ygrasia 110 moisture analyzer provides reliable, fast, and accurate measurement of trace levels of moisture content within your samples. The moisture analyzer uses the Loss On Drying (LOD) method to measure moisture. The moisture analyzer first weighs a sample and then heats it until dry and weighs it a second time when dry. The difference in the initial and dry weight of the sample is used to calculate the percentage of moisture loss during the drying process.

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Product Description

General information about the Ygrasia 110:

  • 110g Maximum weight capacity
  • 16 Memory programmable options temperature and time set options
  • CE certified
  • Halogen Lamp/HBM Sensor
  • Aluminium Shell
  • Stainless Steel Chamber
  • Temperature and Time Set
  • 2-Year Warranty


  • LCD
  • # Storage Slots – 15

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Product name Ygrasia 110
SKU Number 20813001
Readability  1 mg
Capacity  110 g
Resolution 0.01 g
Operating Temperature 5 °C ~ 35 °C
Display  LCD (White backlight with black front)
Calibration External Calibration
Interface RS232
Pan Size 90 mm
Packing Size 490 x 350 x 360 mm
Gross Weight  6 kg
Heating Source Halogen Lamp
Temperature Sensor  PT 100
Temperature Range  40 °C ~ 199 °C
Temperature Step 1 °C
Moisture Range  0.00 % ~ 100.00 %
Moisture Accuracy  0.2 %
Dry Range  100.00 % ~ 0.00 %
Time Setting 1 ~ 99 minutes in 10 seconds
Heater  220V±15% 50Hz/ 400W
Balance Input: 220V 50Hz Output: 9V

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